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    Christmas Potpourri

    Nahia Gonzalez For Christmas, not everyone has the same traditions. Some plan to go to a special place, on vacation, or some to a relative’s home. So, it might not be the [...]
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    Teacher of the Year Interview

    Jack-Arthur Whitlock, Staff Writer Ms. Icaza teaches Health Science at Miami Springs Senior High. Her skills in the subject include the anatomy of the human body, the [...]
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    Rookie Teacher of the Year

    Jack-Arthur Whitlock Every year there is a teacher award ceremony with different categories one of the categories is a rookie teacher of the year. This year the teacher from [...]
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From a Birds Eye View

by zeitgeistnewsonline in Environment

Written by Journalism Staff Written by Staff Writers Alessandra Muniz and Nahia Gonzalez December 17, 2019, our amazing high school, MSSH, hosted our first incredible event [...]


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