• Share the love and stop the hate

    On Wednesday, students gathered in the lobby of Miami Springs Senior High in an intent of positivity and put out there their various words of affirmation. Writing in little [...]
  • All I want for Christmas is…

    During December at Miami Springs Senior High School, we have winter break (December 17- January 3) that lasts two weeks and is used to enjoy the holidays that occur that [...]





  • Gaming: Dark Souls Review

    January 28, 2022

    Dark Souls is such a game. It’s a thoughtful, atmospheric, and mysterious role-playing adventure that challenges your mind and your mettle. It takes the concepts of deadly environments and unflinching difficulty introduced by 2009’s Demon Souls and cranks up the challenge, the fear, the frustration, and the eventual triumph. Dark Souls’ enormous world is vast and dangerous, filled with terrifying fire demons and homicidal lizardmen, all with a single goal: to annihilate you. [...]