First Game…First Win!

By: Melody Diaz-Trapaga

It all started off with Jordany Gonzalez when he singled to left field. Shortly after, Ivan Membreno hit a 2-run homerun to put the Miami Springs Golden Hawks on top. The Hawks had started off strong. After getting off to this great start, the team started getting fired up and began getting hits after hits throughout the innings. Miami Springs had committed RHP – Brandon Olivera on the bump for game 1 of the season. Olivera kept the Gulliver Prep Raiders on lockdown. He racked up 5 Ks (strike outs) in 5 innings and only allowed two hits and two runs. Ivan then in his third at bat hit a solo homerun, Ivan Membreno was a top performer in this game.

It was a particularly important game for the team. Mostly because they spent a lot of time practicing and preparing for this game. The team was very excited and hyped for this game. This game would show the Golden Hawks that they were a strong team from the beginning and that their chemistry was good. There were very few errors in the game which helped Olivera lead the way for the Golden Hawks. The defensive part of the Golden Hawks was strong. But what helped the team more was the aggressive approaches at the plate which resulted in various hits.

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