My Journey of Baseball

By: Anthony Espinoza

Baseball usually gets a lot of crowds and the energy between high school baseball and D1 colleges, minor league, or MLB games is completely different. Each level has a certain amount of intensity and crowds. When you play the game, you care about nothing else and it gives you time to play and have fun, instead of thinking about life for a couple hours. Baseball has become something I truly love and enjoy doing. I would never trade it for anything. To play at the highest level is my dream and I would never let anything bring me down.

I am a pitcher. Just the other day I had a horrible outing, and it really bummed me out but I have learned throughout the years that bad days are gonna happen and you can’t always do good because no one is perfect. I have also learned that sometimes if you don’t do good, it is because you still have room to grow and develop into a better player. All these challenges in the road to becoming a high level player are things that all baseball players must experience and go through in order to achieve their goals and dreams. I have also learned that if you truly live something no matter what you might face along the road, you can never let it go.

Thankfully, I have supportive parents and coaches that have helped me along my journey. They are the ones I owe it all to, mostly my parents for introducing me to the game I’ve been playing for the last 12 years. All the coaches I’ve encountered have done nothing but have my best interest y and helped me become better day by day. My love for the game has done nothing but grow since the day I started playing, this game is one challenging sport where you will experience more failure than success. But that is all part of the challenges one experiences throughout the journey of a baseball player.

Baseball has changed my life in many more ways than one. It has given me a place where I can just go and have fun, compete, and interact with many teammates. I have made multiple friends due to the journey of being from team to team in baseball. Baseball is truly something special and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that thinks this. There are many other players just like me that have gone through challenges and been knocked down various times but have never let that get to them.

Baseball is a very challenging sport overall but the thing that never lets that knock you down is what keeps you going. For me it’s my parents and family which I owe it all to. I would really love to make it somewhere while following this path just to make them proud. I’ve never wanted anything else but to see them happy. It is the one thing that keeps me going, day after day, always trying to get better and develop into a player that can compete at the highest level.

For my family it has always been tough with all types of financial problems and I have always wanted to see them happy and not having to be stressed all the time. My dad always breaks his back at work just to be able to play the game I love so much. I would love to repay that one day to him, for all the years he has been doing this and all the things he has sacrificed in order for me to keep going on this path. It is good I have always had supportive parents because without them none of this would have been possible. All the moments and times my mom and dad have driven me to games, stayed the whole day under the hot sun, all the times they felt ill and still took me to games. I would love to repay all of that to them one day, and I won’t stop until I make it happen.

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