The box that found its way back home

Article: Hector Rodriguez -- Interview: Jason Torres and Anthony Subit

Ms. Leal came forward with a story – a mystery that later became a puzzle we had to solve. This mysterious box which held nostalgic memories from high school belonged to someone that graduated from MSSH.  It all happened three months ago, when a benevolent man encountered an unexpected box that contained graduation memorabilia belonging to a graduating senior. On June of 2021, as a good Samaritan, he tried returning it to its rightful owner. He first tried the police department, but the police would not take it.  Luckily, one day while walking through Curtiss Parkway, he overheard Ms. Leal speaking and soon discovered that she worked at MSSH. So, he asked her if she could take the box. Ms. Leal contacted Mrs. Karlick for a story regarding this mysterious box in the hopes of locating the student. During the interview, reporter Anthony Subit uncovered that the box belonged to Gwendolyn Oden, Ms. Mann’s daughter who graduated two years ago. The box contained an amazon gift card, a graduation cap, congratulatory cards, and a family bracelet.

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