The football game that was cut at halftime

By: Natalie Maestre

In three months, ten games were played by the Golden Hawks football team. It sounds like a complete season, but the game of the season went unfinished. 

Since early October, the homecoming game had been hyped up by administration. As the week approached, the students joined in the excitement.  

On October 19, 2021, spirit week began. Springs was filled with celebrities followed by the decades that made us, superheroes save us from the villains, and only the tackiest tourist. Then Friday rolled around hosting homecoming day and pep rally and color wars.  

During 8th period, the whole school was sent outside to listen to the band, watch the cheer team’s new routine, and see the dance team perform for their second time ever. People were excited, prideful of their class and decked out in their color.  The seniors were chanting and dancing, filling the courtyards with energy. The sports teams also came out, being cheered on by their peers with a revived sense of school spirit. 

The bowling team came out first, then cross country and volleyball. Then of course, the football team ran out.  Riding momentum from their HML win and their recent consistency to score, they burst out the door, flag in hand, and ran through the crowds as they were cheered on.  It had been raining the whole day, and the threat of rain had not yet disappeared, but nothing could damper the students’ spirits. 

The momentum of the Hawk’s season truly had changed.  Before the game was stopped, the Hawks caught up to Vipers 6-7, their closest score yet.  However, the game had been delayed a few times before its scheduled time; so much so, that the cheer team and the band were dismissed around four thirty, and the game had yet to start.  The teams went to battle through two full quarters in torrential downpour.  

Frustrated, the team tried to reschedule.  The rumor was that the game would resume at Varela’s homefield the following Monday, but that was quickly dismissed.  It was then supposed to be two Thursdays away.  However, the Vipers could play no later than November 6th, which was not feasible for the Hawks.  So, the Hawks were forced to take a loss they did not deserve.  “I think we would have won,” Coach Montoya says.  “It was a sloppy game due to the weather, but we were doing well defensively.”

Their last game ended up being November 4th against South Miami.  For senior player, Jose Prieto, this was his last game sporting his Golden Hawk jersey.

There are many speculations for what the future may hold for this young team, but Montoya sees this was an opportunity for his players to finally shine. Montoya believes, “Veterans like Ayden Anderson, Tyrell Carter, Pierre Fede, and young talent like Deangelo Thompson and Julian Ortiz will need to step up and be vocal leaders, as well as, lead by example.”  

Currently, the team is training for the Spring season.  If they keep improving, spectators could see a drastic change in their performance. 

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  1. Maria Martinez // February 12, 2022 at 9:56 pm // Reply

    Zane Cruz took those pictures, he is so talented. Amazing article as well. Props to you all.

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