My name is Melany Eire and I’m currently working in the food industry. I have a passion for animals and helping others, which has been a part of my life since I was a lifeguard. Now, I am planning on going to college to obtain a degree in a field that I’m passionate about. I also love to play soccer as a hobby and I’m always looking for ways to better myself. My future goals are to finish college, build a successful career, and become financially stable. I am dedicated to working hard and doing what it takes to achieve my goals.





Hey, my name is Frances Ortiz, and my zodiac sign is Taurus. I am a Junior and I run the Instagram for the Zeitgeist. I love reading and crocheting. I also love helping people whenever they need something.







My name is Roberta Arias, I’m 16 years old, my birthday is on July 16, 2007. I’m Cuban. I go to Miami Springs Sr. High. I enjoy going to the beach at night and hanging out with my friends. My favorite color is red.






My name is Devyn Williams. As a career, I want to become an animal nutritionist. I want to study animal behavior and their health. I have good hand to eye coordination, I’m athletic, and I play sports. My dad wants to go to school outside of Florida, but I would rather go to college here. I have a decent GPA (3.4) and although it may be a problem, I like to stay in my comfort zone.




Hello! My name is Maria Caballero, I am a Senior. I love academics and I have highly focused on them in my four years, because of that I have completed all the Cambridge classes necessary for my Bright Futures Scholarship and have also completed my AA at MDC through Dual Enrollment. I am not the best at sports, but I love weightlifting and exercising in general. From yoga classes to hikes and power competitions, I love it all. I also enjoy my job very much; I work for a Courtyard by Marriott and since is next to the airport I always get to meet very interesting people with stories and pictures from all over the world. The hotel industry is not my ultimate goal though, my plans are to go to the University of Florida and get my bachelors on Computer Science. The origin of my passion for a computer science career is derived from the work-life balance it provides, its high use of creativity, and its rewarding salary.



My name is Joshua Castro. I’ve had the opportunity to have journalism since a freshman. I am now a sophomore and within that year alone I have fell for the passion of journalism since. Despite this, I have also had a previous class like this before but had not got the opportunity like now thanks to Ms. Karlick. I had attended Miami Springs Middle School at the time of that class. Now given the opportunity with this class and passion I am steadily trying to expand and provide new stories.



My name is Suhelen Evereth, I attend to Miami Springs Senior School and I am 18 years old currently a senior and one thing i enjoy doing on my free time is draw and listen to music. My number one goal is to be rich and help the poor people. I aspire to have a peaceful mindset and become rich in the future.





Hi! My name is Emily Garcia. I’m 16 years old, I’m a junior at Miami Springs Senior High. My favorite colors are yellow and blue; I enjoy spending time at the beach with my friends and family, as well as going to other places and making lots of memories. I recently just got a puppy named Dior, she is a Goldendoodle, and I’m so happy because now I have someone to spend most of my time with and have lots of fun. I’m Cuban, and I emigrated to the country about 7 years ago, I miss my family and friends back home but I like it better here since I have so many more opportunities and a better life overall.







Meet Lorena Hernandez, one of the junior writers at Miami springs senior high schools. Lorena is a cheer leader who also enjoys playing golf. She works part time at a tanning salon here in springs where she helps ladies get the perfect tan. Lorena has been in the journalism class her sophomore and now junior year and hopes to continue her senior year.








My name is Shannon Lorenzo. I’m 15 years old, and I’m a sophomore in high school. I attend Miami Springs Senior High. I am apart of the Lady Hawks Volleyball team.  I’m an outside hitter and play all around. I enjoy cooking therefore I enjoy the culinary class with Ms. Mann.







I am a current junior and soon to graduate from Miami Springs Senior High class of 2025. My name is Ceanna Lauren Rivas, and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, child of Nicaraguense immigrants. I’ve also studied art for half of my life, being in a magnet program for fine arts in middle school and winning art competitions in elementary school. I love animals, reading, crocheting, and listening to music. In the future I wish to pursue a career in law.





My name is Daniel Rojas but people call me Macho, I’m a sophomore and I play point guard for the Miami Springs Senior High JV basketball team.   I work at a local Sub shop called Phat City subs and make music for fun. I hope to attend NYU to study sports medicine.





My name is Rachelle Segura I am 18, I work at a local pizzeria. I enjoy playing soccer with my dad & brother. We also like to play basketball and listen to music. I aspire to become a police officer and work hard. I want to be very successful and rich.







My name is Breanna Solano I attend Miami springs Senior year, I have been going here since my freshman year. Its my last year at this school and I hope to make the best out of it. I am currently employed at a pizza store and work with a friend from this class, I enjoy working with her as it makes having a job more fun and beneficial .My hobbies include reading  and doing makeup  on my free time trying different looks and new techniques. Goals I have  is to graduate ,drive and apply myself in life.





Noah Torres.  I am a 15 year old in high school with a passion for music and comedy. I edit videos every now and then and have five plus years of piano experience. And have lived in Miami my whole life.







Valeria Gonzales #1 goal is to graduate with a biology degree. One of her big passions is cooking and reading. She attends to Miami Springs senior high and has a job at a secret company. She has a passion for reading and writing articles from school.






My name is Bryan Ardon and I am 17 years old junior at Miami Springs Senior. My hobby is playing soccer and one of my dreams is to be able to play professionally.  In my spare time, I like to go out with my friends, spend time with my family, and play video games. My favorite color is red and I like pizza.





My name is Amee and I’m currently a senior in high school. I’m looking forward to graduating this year and making the most of my last year, while also preparing for the next step. I’m passionate about entering the cooking industry in the future and I’m excited to explore the possibilities available to me. I’m a hands-on learner and I’m eager to gain experience in the industry, as well as continue my education. I’m confident that I can make a successful career in the culinary arts.





Hello! My name is Hecmari, and I am a freshman at Miami Springs Senior.  I am in the volleyball team, and I  enjoy  cooking at home!







My name is Cassandra Isabella Padron. This is my third year at Miami Springs Senior High School and I am a member of the class of 2025. I am a student in the magnet program. My father is of Cuban descent, and my mother is of Nicaraguan descent. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I have spent all of my life here. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, music, and hanging out with my friends. It is often my pleasure to be a 7th-grade teaching assistant in an academic enrichment program. Currently, I am the treasurer of both the Anchor Club and the Theater Club. I’m very friendly so don’t be afraid to say hello!




My name is Mia Perez I am a student at Miami Springs Senior High, My goals are to get somewhere big in life, and to graduate. My passions are learning to grow as a person. My expertise is going for what I want, I used to work at a cleaning company but left because of school then years later I worked at Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Doral until it closed because of the season.



I am Xavier Solis and I am a student at Miami Springs Senior High. My passion and goals are to be happy and successful. I’m good at math and get decent grades.








My name is Edward Torres-McHale. I am a full time student at Miami Springs Senior High School. I plan to attend FSU for college, and I plan to major in Business/Marketing. Some of my skills include Language Arts, Video Editing, Psychology, and Logistical evaluations. I live in Miami, Florida, and job experiences include Tutoring children in 6th grade and below, and apprenticing at a law firm.







My name is Valerie Valdes, I also go as Val. My occupation is photography/content creator and these are also my two passions. I mostly focus on drawing and taking pictures, I’m not really big on writing. My goal is to travel and see the world through my own prospective, and of course get through school to get to that goal.








Kristin Bush is a junior at Miami Springs Senior High School.  She works part time at her mothers restaurant.  She is a fashion enthusiast and loves animals and photography.  She lives in Florida but is hoping to attend college out of state to pursue graphic design and art history.







My name is Karen Zuniga, I am in the 12th grade at MSSH. You may know me for my art, I have been doing art for the school for more then three years. But I am also a DECA officer. I am extremely proud of winning not once but twice first place in Miami-Dade county art exhibit. I had also had my art displayed in Miami Spring city. hall.







 Hector is a young boy with a burning passion to enter medical school, become an anesthesiologist, and achieve his dream, which is to have more money so his family will not need to worry about financial issues and live with no worries. Hector is currently a Junior at Miami Springs Senior High School. He is currently learning to play the piano (even if the ideal age is a bit younger), it has been his dream and hobby since he was little to learn and have fun with the piano. He is also extremely interested in starting to play volleyball since it is his favorite sport. Most people associate him with the word introvert, this is because ever since he was little, he lived a life remarkably similar to one of a hermit but now he is trying to change that and become a more extrovert and social person. 




Brianna Nelson attends Miami Springs Senior High School, an 11th grader going into 12th. She works at a senior center to help the elderly and her passion is to be wealthy before the age of 30.








My name is Andrew Perez. I’m a sophomore at Miami Springs Senior High school. I’m currently on the high school baseball team. I’m also involved in several school clubs. I have a passion for sports and all outdoor activities.






My name is Crystal Cordero I was born and raised in Miami.  My first Job was at McDonalds for about six months before I quit. Now, I work at a call center.  I am in 12th grade, and I am 18 years old.  My favorite things to do in my free time are reading and doing my makeup.






My name is Rafael Perez, I am 15 turning 16 this year and my interests are of being a pilot, my hobbies are of playing videogames, playing soccer with friends, and just doing whatever interests me at the time. I don’t like to discuss my personal life so don’t bother asking.






Depending upon when you meet D’Angelo, you could get one out of two impressions: either he’s too serious or he’s out of the ordinary.  Upon closer inspection, you will notice that what really lies behind the mask is a charismatic “know it all” that just wants to see how the world works. With skills that vary from fixing multiple things to also breaking them, if you ever come across this individual, don’t be afraid to say hello and tell him a joke or two.  So, to sum it up, if you need a plumber, mechanic, chef, a polisher, or over all a friend, just look for D’Angelo.