How does music heal the soul?

By: Tiyanna Cooper

25 Best Songs About Healing

Do you ever sense how certain types of music can soothe you, make you mad or sad, or fill you with glee or ambition?  Music has the power to instill emotions in the listener. When we listen to songs that instill peace and tranquility, we feel this way because the song acts as a form of therapy. Sound healing therapy uses parts of music to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It can also motivate the listener to be more productive in their every day life.

There are multiple studies supporting the fact that music lowers cortisol production levels. According to the Clay Center for Health Minds, stress releaves and lowers blood pressure. Music is fun and a better way to boost your mood in almost every situation. Music makes us human, it makes us feel sad, happy, mad, and sometimes just makes us think. If you ever feel like you need a boost,  listen to music.  It honestly helps. My personal favorite is Fancy – Twice.

Link to website: https://www.mghclaycenter.org/parenting-concerns/families/the-power-of-music-to-feel-heal-and-connect/


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