The Strays (Netflix)

By: Jariah Anderson

Netflix horror psychological thriller, The Strays is a story about class separation, race, abandonment, and appropriation The Strays’ director Nathaniel Martello-White tells the story of Neve/Cheryl (Ashley Medekwe), a light-skinned Black woman who walks out on her two young Black children Carl (Jordan Myrie) and Dione (Bukky Bakray) and begins a brand-new life in an affluent all-white suburban neighborhood outside of London. In the film, Neve (Ashley Madekwe) is a biracial upper-class woman leading an idyllic life with her family. As a socialite in her community and the deputy headmistress of a private school, Neve’s privileged life is jeopardized when her troubled past resurfaces to undermine everything she has built.


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