When you get bored, play Tetris

By: Breanna Solano

Play Tetris! Tetris is a puzzle game, a strategy game that you can get lost in. The game even has an effect named for it,’’ The Tetris effect’’, which references when the person gives too much attention to an activity that the brain starts to see the pattern/mental images begin. In this game, you will find yourself stacking blocks trying to prevent the blocks from reaching the top the gamer.  The games history dates back to its first released in June 6 of 1984.  Fast forward 38 years later, the game is still being played.  It has been through many changes from its original version – from design to ownership rights of the game.  Tetris became its own company in 1996 and played in different platforms including such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Play Studios, etc. Tetris ranks as one of the highest, selling video games in history number three Tetris (EA). Tetris has been used to manage anxiety and calm your nerves. Many studies support this claim. The game is proven to distract you from worries, which in terms helps you to cope. Tetris was the first game to be played in outer space.  You can say that, Tetris is out of this world!

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