Congrats Grads

By: Tiyanna Cooper

The time is here for seniors to pack their bags and walk down a new road. With less than a month to spare, it’s time for them to say goodbye to Miami Springs Senior High.

Senior, Kiara Harris says, “For many students, graduation day brings a mix of emotions: Happiness, sadness, relief, and excitement. Graduating is a staple piece in anyone’s life and marks the beginning of a new chapter. However, for me, leaving high school brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. It’s a sign that I’m moving onto bigger and better things in life. Even though I’m leaving behind these familiar faces and what I’ve built and become in this environment, all of these memories will hold a special place in my heart.”

In a joking manner, senior Stephanie Govantes said, “Graduating feels great. It’s the bomb.com!”

Most of the seniors this reporter spoke with mentioned feeling bittersweet about graduation, since many cannot put into words how they feel about the departure.  We look forward to graduation for four years in high school, and when the day comes, we experience mixed emotions.

The time has come for seniors to say goodbye to their beloved friends, teachers, administration, and staff, not to mention, the extracurricular sports and activities that have occupied much of their afternoons and weekends for the past four years.

This year’s graduation will be held on May 30th at 7:00 p.m. at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts.  This will be the seniors’ last walk together before they embark on this new adventure.

Congratulations and remember, “there’s such a lot of world to see.

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