The Four Horsemen

By: Nicole Burgos


There comes a point where you can’t help but think or believe that the world is ending. Regardless of whether you consider it to be a fable, an old wives’ tale, or facts, some strongly believe it to be true.

The end of the world has been predicted in a variety of ways over the years, and while some people believe it will never happen, many others have very different ideas about it.  This verse This verse is the most typical; nevertheless, not everyone believes in God or the Bible, and those who do are most afraid of it.

I think there is a God, an entity with unlimited power, but I don’t think the Bible is true; why should a book written by a man teach me how to conduct my life?  I am truthfully stating what everyone is thinking.

We all hold various worldviews, and that is okay, but consider this for a moment. Curiosity is everyone’s primary motivator, and the desire to learn about things that we do not hear or see daily can be both a blessing and a curse. What do you feel or imagine when you hear the words “The Four Horseman”?

Everything starts somewhere why don’t we start with the one and only first.

Conquest is the entity created to control man’s compulsion to conquer.

Since when Man conquers, he inevitably loses something—be it a loved one or himself—he rides his simple white horse named Loss. He is shielded and prepared for any blows with his Royal named crown, which he wears. His preferred weapon is his wordplay themed bow, Mercy, and arrows, Redemptions.  Alongside his eagles and other animals, he rules the world. To prevent is from getting out of control, he is the one who controls man’s drive to conquest, populate, spread, and grow.   The Renaissance, Industrialization, and Space Ages were all influenced by him, and he is the reason for the advancement of Man. He has nearly all the First Great War’s strongholds under control thanks to his status as a Horseman, and Mercy’s Redemptions are the only weapon he has ever missed with. He has also defeated many of Hell’s armies. All will be destroyed by Conquest’s rain of steel because he is such a skilled shooter.

War.  A concept created by humans to control their violent, irrational, and lustful impulses. He mounts Rage, a red horse that is flaming hot and furious. He carries Chaos, a powerful sword that can transform into any type of weapon ever created or to be created in the future. He is in charge of controlling the forces onEarth, from the smallest disagreements to the largest conflicts, but not to the point of complete annihilation, with the dogs and wolves at his disposal. This allows Man to control other People’s deeds of destroying each other. He can wreak massive destruction with a single stroke of his powerful sword, has never lost a battle, not even to his brothers, and has defeated the mightiest of adversaries thanks to his strategy and might. With his battle prowess, he is the supreme warrior; remember to pray for the coming of the War.

Famine.  An entity created to control man’s hunger. He is mounted on his Starvation, a black stallion. Famine utilizes The Balance, a mystical weighing scale, as opposed to the other Horsemen who use blunt weapons. He can literally change the equilibrium of anything with this seemingly simple structure. The encroaching locusts and insects are his henchmen, signifying his significance. He has influence over Man’s appetite, including his hunger for passion, power, and wealth. He is equated with greed because he restrains Man’s corrupt, immoral, and excessively despiteful desires. With The Balance, he can shift the force and pressure an object exerts, lessen or enhance gravity, entirely alter one’s thoughts of emotion, and transfer the energy and substance of one object to another. Even though he is frequently compared to crop-killing droughts. When the Famine starts to terrorize the world, he is every bit as strong as his brothers.

Death.  The creature created to control both living and dead souls. His infamous black scythe, Reaper, is claimed to be able to cut through anything, including time and space itself. He rides his pale steed, Grief. He chooses which thankful soul travels to Heaven to enjoy everlasting grace and which tainted soul shall suffer an eternity in Hell with the aid of his zombie army. He is associated with fear and rules the afterlife of all souls with terror. With the atrocities he inflicts on his victims’ mental states, he proves to be the one real master of the mind.  Death has been known to easily dispatch even the most dreadful and terrible of demons, raise the dead from the dead, and give or take souls with just a glance or touch. All living beings tremble in terror wherever this creature walks because they know Death is nearby.

Each of these four entities is sealed differently. One day, when the Lamb breaks the seal, it indicates that God has made The Call.

The announcement of Judgment Day.

The Horsemen are rumored to bring only death and destruction to Earth’s surface when The Call is unleashed. That they will each occupy a portion of the globe and kill one-fourth of all people living on Earth. Armageddon will occur, and the Horsemen’s task will be to “judge” the unworthy.

However, The Call has not yet been heard, and Judgment Day has not yet come.

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