Spending Less Time on Video Games

By: Anthony Espinosa

Many kids are addicted to video games and play it as soon as they come home from school, even all day on the weekends. Video games are addicting to adults and they play the game all day. Playing video games all day can cause serious damage to your mental and physical health.

Video games affect people’s physical health because they sit home all day and no exercise. They mostly play, eat, and sleep. This is an unhealthy way to live life. It affects their physical appearance and can cause them to be insecure. Playing video games all day can also cause you to become anti-social and make you less interested in going out into the world. Video games take a huge toll on people. For example, people who are addicted to video games tend to lose many hours of sleep and it affects their health in various ways. It causes many kids to disobey their parents and obsessed with playing all day.

Video games have a huge negative impact on people’s mental health. It causes them to care about the game too much; they rage (scream, slam things uncontrollably) break things they don’t mean to but, they do it because of the burst of anger they throw. Most of the time it’s even worse for people with anger issues because they tend to punch walls and basically hurt themselves over a game! Many people that are short tempered tend to lose their patience a lot when they lose or when they are verbally assaulting other kids or when they are being verbally assaulted. Kids online say a lot of things to make you think things you’re not supposed to. It makes people fall into depression because of the things they hear. They always lack sleep.

Being addicted or playing video games causes you to lose focus of what’s important in life and affects your future in many ways: make you either lose focus of your career, your loved ones, and even school. Most of the times; when you’re addicted, it makes you get really bad grades and it takes a toll on your education. Video games are ways to lose track of many things. Most of the time it affects your eye vision if you play too close to your gaming screen and especially if you play for many hours. You waste a lot of money on in game purchases. Kids throw tantrums to get what they want from their parents.

Being addicted to video games in general is a really bad thing. It causes many aspects in your life to be affected. There should be a limit as to how many hours you can spend on the game. It also causes many parents to worry about their kids. Video games take tolls on adults by interfering with their jobs and careers. With lack of sleep, they can’t concentrate or do what they are supposed to do.

So, if you think you spend too much time playing video games, remember to take periodic breaks, and think about the hours lost that could have been spent on homework or with family.

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