Share the love and stop the hate

By: Bryan De La Nuez

On Wednesday, students gathered in the lobby of Miami Springs Senior High in an intent of positivity and put out there their various words of affirmation. Writing in little Post-It notes, they expressed their positivity through hashtags, showing their inner person. #noplaceforhate was organized Jan 12, in the campus lobby where many came up with important messages against hate. But #noplaceforhate is not only about general hate, it also provides a look into harmful stereotypes. “This movement can be impacting because it spreads awareness about stereotypes being used against people.” – Melanie Perez. Melanie believes in the effect of stereotypes and how it affects every day society; she supports the #noplaceforhate movement and completely goes against not only general hate but also stereotypes; she says #spreadpositivity. For more info on the #noplaceforhate movement check out their website www.noplaceforhate.org and prove yourself to decrease hate in the world.


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