The common smartphone problems and how to fix them

By: Tasheri Johnson

Smartphones are electronic devices that are put in use every day of our lives. A great majority of the population, including children, has one now-a-days. Smartphones could be very helpful, but at the same time, can be dysfunctional resulting in crashes, bugs, etc.  The longer you have a cellular phone, the more apt you are to experience these inconveniences due to lack of updates. Luckily, some of these glitches like faulty apps, widespread bugs, battery life, and poor reception are easily overcome with self troubleshooting. For example, one app glitch can cause a phone to slow down. To fix this problem, you may have to delete and reinstall the faulty program in your phone. If problems keep recurring and it’s hard to see the root of the problem, try turning your device off for a few minutes. By restarting your device, you are clearing out data held in your temporary files. If the phone is frozen and you are unable to power off with just the power button, then a special hardware combination should do the trick and force the reset. For example in an Apple phone, you can hold the power button and home button for a few seconds. With Samsung Galaxy phones, you can easily pop-out the battery. If the on and off fails, then maybe you should monitor the temperature of the phone. If your phone was left inside a parked vehicle, you may need to let it cool off a bit. The idea is not to panic and simply try a few tricks.


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