The Law of Attraction

By: Emily Usallan

Many people wonder how they can better their lives and accomplish all of their goals. The answer to their dreams may be the law of attraction. The law of attraction helps people focus on getting the things they want in life and accomplishing their goals. Not only does it help with that, but it will also help you becoming an overall happier person. The Law of Attraction dictates, ‘In order for good things in life to come your way, you must be a genuinely kind and moral human.’ However, that does not mean that things will be easily handed to you; the world will not simply open all doors to everything you want. Having a positive attitude about life and the goals you want to accomplish will be a key factor in following the law of attraction.

Many people are blind and oblivious to the potential they have in themselves, which then leads to them turning to doubt rather than hope. Those who live in constant gloom and self-doubt never reach their full potential. They are also showing the world that they are walking through life with their hands in their pockets and all doors closed; not open to new opportunities and ideas. Therefore, if the law of attraction is something that intrigues you, be open to all new (great) things that may come your way.

If you really think of all the experiences you have been through (good and bad), they have all shaped you into who you are today. They have either made you have a positive or negative mindset. It’s important to look back on our pasts because reflection helps us grow and learn from what we’ve done and been through. However, it’s significant that we grow strong from these experiences and block negativity from seeping into our minds. This all correlates to the law of attraction because no matter what we have been through, our pasts should not stop us from reaching our goals and chasing after what we want in life.

Writing and keeping note of what you want to focus on is an absolutely great way to get on track to attaining our goals. It’s important to lure away from words like, “want” and turn to words such as “will”. When we have a mindset that things will happen, it makes it more likely for us to go out and do everything in our power to get what we want. Visualizing what our lives will be like once we achieve our dreams or goals also gives us insight to how much we want to reach them. Nonetheless, we should never let selfishness get in the way of these objectives; make sure that they do not hurt the world around you and come from a good place in your heart.

The law of attraction is a prominent way to turn your life around and make what you want out of it. Shifting our negativity to positivity is a factor for success; however, hard work and effort does come hand-in-hand with that. If you chase your goals and prove to yourself that you are deserving of them, there is no doubt that great experiences will come your way.

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