Mars One expedition

By: Gabriela Cardenas

Since civilization came to be, we have always tried to find a way to make life somewhat better.  From building fires to keep warm, to complex search engines that answers any question in a matter of seconds. Though we have found ways to improve certain aspects of life, at the same time we’ve slowly been destroying the planet that gives us this incredible life. Yet NASA has told us not to fear!
A new project, Mars One, is underway. The goal of this amazing expedition is to have a permanent settlement on Mars. This gives us the chance to finally learn if we can survive anywhere else but our precious Earth. This project was founded in 2011 and the choice for the crew started in 2013.  Although we are just hearing about this now, the makers of this project have found that a permanent settlement is easier than finding resources for a return trip. The first crew is set to leave in 2026 and arrive in 2027!
The selection of the crew is quite prestigious, the candidates have 4 rounds to go through before they are selected and allowed to train for the mission. The first round is an online application, round two is all about being healthy, smart, and dedicated. The candidates have to meet the health criteria, and be interviewed to make sure they are mentally capable. Round three calls for dozens of group challenges and interviews, lastly round 4 will put the candidates into groups, the groups will be expected to prove their ability to live in harsh living conditions, and be able to work together under difficult circumstances. After all of this, the last candidates will be put into their crews. A new crew will land in Mars every 2 years.
In 10 and a half years, we will have the first humans to ever venture out into deep space. The $6 billion mission will give the inhabitants of this planet knowledge of the unknown and just maybe an escape route in case we can no longer live on Earth anymore.

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