eMerge American Conference with special guest Tom Brady

By: Jose Zuniga

Emerge Americas Conference is an event that ran from April 20 – 21 2023, at Miami Beach. Manny Medina Founder & Chairman of eMerge Americas, Felice Gorordo CEO of eMerge Americas,  Melissa Medina President of eMerge Americas are the people who set up the event. “At eMerge Americas, we are transforming Miami into a global tech hub by partnering with the entire tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem, from government to higher-ed, startups to investors, corporate enterprises to media. We are connecting the dots – between talent, capital, and entrepreneurs. And we are telling – and amplifying – the stories of how Miami is transforming. We are attracting the best and the brightest from around the world to come to Miami to launch, build, and successfully scale their ideas. We believe Miami can serve as a gateway to the Americas and help bridge divides while fueling innovation and building out a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive ecosystem.” They were able to experience different things from each station and explore how they work and what they offer. Over 30 students went to the event from Miami Springs Senior High.

The event had over 200 students from different schools go to the event to explore and learn about what they are offering to everyone. The event had over 30 booths, from banking, to schools like FIU, and what they offer for each student. They had a special guest speaker that had talked with all the students about his success and what he plans to do with his life, The one and only Tom Brady, where he explained his life and how he got where he is today.

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