Are video games still fun?

By: Victor F. Racek

Have you ever been excited to play your favorite video game? After a long day at school, you boot up your PlayStation or Xbox and jump right into “Grand Theft Auto” and start doing all the fun stuff the game offers for you, but suddenly, after several years of the game existing since its release and playing the same game for a while, you don’t feel the same as how you once did playing that game. Another instinct is when you try to play different games, but you cannot get that joyful feeling even by trying certain games from different genre’s, your still unable to go through the experience because that blissful feeling you got playing video games is nonexistent.

I remember playing “Minecraft,” which was my favorite game at the time, I remember playing with friends, creating my own builds, and having fun with a game that brings me joy as a human being. However, after recently playing the game again, I did not feel the same way as I once did, that one feeling of adventure and excitement was now gone from my consciousness. Even after playing for 3 minutes, I would get off my console and do something else, I even tried to play different games but still could not get the motivation to go forward.

Why is this? Are we growing out of video games or are video games plain bad now? Both examples are correct. As kids, we enjoy playing video games with our friends and experiencing fun worlds that help us escape reality, but the tragedy of this phenomenon is that when we grow older, we have more responsibility as adults and that strays away from us being active on gaming, therefore we cannot achieve the same “State.” Although some would argue that Videos games are bad now because most gaming studios are run by producers and managers that do not care about video games and merely just make games for money, Innovation has taken a step back with further new releases of video games.

Media today is blinded by how producers and corporate people are now running the industry.

Video games have evolved over time since their first creation; big companies who started with nothing now create popular, fun, and classic games that we enjoy. However recent games over the past few years most titles released are not bad, they lack the artistic and dreamy intentions of the developer and purposely bait the public for its money, all for the sake of Nostalgia or advertising. I remember for my 14th birthday I was gifted with a brand-new Call of Duty game; “Call of Duty Black Ops 4”, and it was the worst game I have ever played. The game was literally a copy of another game; “Fortnite” and used the same battle royal gameplay, I couldn’t believe that one of my favorite game series resulted in copying another game franchise just for the sake of being hip and up to date with the modern generation.

After coming to terms with how video games were becoming, I stopped gaming for a while taking a break and trying to find other hobbies. Most games felt more like absurd, meaningless missions for the experience. Boring storytelling, Empty open worlds, and butchered remastered video games from the past, all of which made me want to step away from gaming in general.

After taking time for myself I went back to playing certain games that I loved playing. Upon doing this I learned that I was never captivated by games but the story, which is why I wanted to become a writer. I think the biggest issue with video game boredom is a lack of hobbies. This sounds sarcastic but picking up new hobbies can be fun and exciting, I recently started watching anime and getting into movies more, and I was more active and agile knowing the number of options I have. I’m even learning how to play guitar.

So, the bottom line is; get new hobbies, try new things, and play new games that you would never play. Give yourself a little variety, explore new ideas, and keep changing.

Games to Play

Hollow Knight – Metroid mix with Castlevania

Stardew Valley – Farming simulator, like Animal crossing

Portal 2 – Amazing puzzle system

A Hat in Time – Mario 64 like with surprising amount of content

Dishonored – Great Stealth/Great Story

Bioshock series – All time Classic

Slime Rancher – First person Simulator

Dark Souls – Intense combat with expert difficulty set only

Monster Hunter series – Open world/Fighting Monsters

Legend of Zelda series – Interesting stories with breathtaking worlds.

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