The importance of reading

By: D'Angelo Marquez

When was the last time you’ve read a book? Was it yesterday, earlier today, or was it when you opened this article? Well, I can’t answer for you, but I can give you some thoughts and ideas about reading along with some information on the topic. Apart from letting you expand your base knowledge, reading allows the mind of the reader to widen their vocabulary, according on the Markham Public Library. 

If still not convinced to start reading? Maybe the following will. Reading will improve communication skills and will expand your conversational skills. Now, maybe you’re not the conversational type, but still this doesn’t matter because reading books allows you to live a bit longer too by preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s, as claimed by Basmo ( an app for reading books) on their website.  Online applications  are a great way to read books in a setting. 

Now, hear me out. You might be on a tight schedule and might not have a lot of time to read books as often, but all it takes is 20 minutes a day to benefit from reading. Start with a short book and work your way to novels and other readings. Reading is an amazing way to improve mental health and a terrific way to detach from reality for a bit and to be at peace with yourself.  All it take is 20 minutes out of your day according to HonorsGradU.  We all have 20 minutes we can spare. 

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