Why the internet should be limited for students

By: Emely Garcia

Now-a-days, mostly everything we need can be found on the internet. It is crucial, since it makes it simple for students to obtain the important information necessary to complete assignments. It enables them to complete their tasks with its assistance and world of information right at their fingertips. With the use of technology, particularly the internet, in our everyday lives, students still should have limited access to it.  Internet access should be limited to students, especially those sites that are banned and unsuitable for children or students.

Many of these sketchy sites could have a negative impact on student development and can even lead them to dangerous and unhealthy activities.  For example, according to saralstudy.com, a blog that conducted a study on students and the internet, “the overuse of the internet can cause physical harm for students. With the excess of the internet, we can see many students spending hours in front of their computer screens. They keep on playing online games and chatting on social sites.” 

Back discomfort, muscle weakening, vision troubles, and numerous other posture-related problems are some of the causes of overuse. Students become sluggish as a result of all these physical problems and their academics suffer. It is easy to become addicted to the Internet.  So for this and many more reasons, internet access should be limited to a few hours per day.  It gives people an opportunity to spend more time outside and with family and friends.  

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