Farewell to Almost Famous

By: Brianna Hollie

On December 20th, 2022, It was announced that Almost Famous: The Musical would be coming to a close and ending its run on January 8th, 2023. The shock factor of this news is debatable because of the amount of media reviews that skewed towards negativity. However, this did not make the news any less heart wrenching for the cast, crew, and lovers of the show, with many of them going back to watch the show before its finale.

Despite the controversy of having several Broadway media outlets writing poor reviews of the highly anticipated show and a certain actor calling in sick and having their understudy on for a number of the shows, the cast never took on defeatist or fatalistic attitudes, they have always been enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity to play for the fans of the movie and now, the show. The cast and crew of Almost Famous: The Musical truly became a family during their run and vastly enjoyed the energy and love that they got from performing at the Jacob’s theater every night.

Solea Pfeiffer, the actress who plays Penny Lane in the musical, took to Instagram to explain ‘’creating a Broadway show is such a massive undertaking, and such a massive labor of love… we gave it everything we could, and we had a GOOD TIME DOING IT.’’ She furthers go on to say ‘’…we play for FANS, not critics.’’

Moreover, on January 8th, the finale of the show made big waves with lots of big names such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, from musicals Hamilton and Bring It On showing up. As well as two cast members of the original Almost Famous movie showing up (Billy Crudup and Jimmy Fallon). Many fans took to twitter and other social media platforms to share their appreciation for the final show.

The ending of Almost Famous: The Musical is bittersweet, and they had a fantastic run. Happy trails to the cast and crew.

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