The distractions of modern society

By: Justin Martinez

Most modern-day teenagers average around a 30% of their day using electronics such as a phone to watch TikTok’s, play games, or check who liked their story on Instagram. Although many may argue this is a great way to distract yourself from the real world (while it is), it’s also too distracting on its very own. You see, social media works as a way of promoting things and advertising products as well as other things. Social media has a major influence on modern-day teenagers because of the things it promotes such as new trends, entertainment, and what not.

A lot of kids and teenagers have insecurities and things that hold them back from their true potential as a person. Influencers on this app such as models and in general content creators can make kids or teenagers feel as if they should compare themselves. Even try and live up to look like people on social media, which is the main problem nowadays. The main solution for this problem could be parents simply watching over what their kids watch and do online. But even that on itself is difficult.

Kids should not be allowed to be on social media for countless hours.  Teenagers should spend less time on it and focus on other more essential things that could benefit them. Instead, what most media does is distract you and make waste of most of your time and energy.  Social media, in general, becomes more of a distraction and poisons the youth more than actually helping in educating and advancing society.

Now, what are some possible solutions to this? As technology advances more and more and society continues to advance and prosper, it’s almost impossible to stop issues like this. But not all hope is lost. If people take more time to explore nature, focus on other things, and administrate their time wisely; everything would improve in general. Secondly, should the government pick up on this situation and create laws for people under the age of 18 regarding using cell phones and other electronic devices, then perhaps more teenagers would be concentrating on schooling, which in the end, is more beneficial to their future.

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