Long lines at lunch and the restrooms

By: Shae Ancheta & Daniel Rojas

Most students in Miami Springs Senior High have to deal with going to lunch and waiting in big lines for food. One thing we can do to make the line go a little faster is to add another cashier. This will help with the flow of students and they have extra time to eat their food.  A good location for a third line is either in the cafeteria  itself or in the lunch line outside.  This would alleviate the time spent waiting for food.

Other long lines to endure are the restroom lines.  Devyn Williams says “he waits in the bathroom line for about 7 minutes before he can use the bathroom.” He suggests opening another two lines near the gym.

The vending machine is another big line at lunch. Mattheu Palacios says “he waits for the vending machine everyday, and it usually takes a while for him to get his snack.” He suggests adding a third or fourth vending machine near the main entrance of the school so the line can go faster.

And so, the student body conquers that less time would be spent standing around if administration could add more manpower during the lunch break.


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