Technology impact today in society

By: Mia Mezzanotte

The worldwide use of technology has affected society both negatively and positively. We are constantly surrounded by others using the internet which can affect socializing and maintaining relationships. In general, social media is a big target towards teenagers in Generation Z and will most definitely continue being a resource for future generations. In light of the fact that emerging nations rely on technology in all spheres of life, this function is without a doubt crucial. Which we must make sure there are changes so that the following will not suffer as well.

The internet has made substantial consequences in people’s lives. There is several benefits to technology like education, news, and simplified ways to communicate or record one’s daily life. Until we slowly start to rely on social media to give us the attention we need or the internet to help us understand why we are feeling a type of way. Over relying on the internet can cause depression, damage self-esteem, and produce bad habits. Health is one of the most important things one can lack focus of when developing a special relationship with the media. Just with the reduction of sleep from device overuse or stress of exposure to social isolation and loneliness can cause a big impact on one’s health.

In relation to “Teens spend more than 7 hours a day on screens..” on abcnews.go.com, the average teenager spends about eight hours using a device every day. The key to remaining balance of technology and the outside world is to limit yourself to a few couple of hours or take breaks. Gathering that the increase of technology and its advancement now in society has to be taken care of before it takes a more unfavorable impact.

Simply said, technology is a tool that was created to provide services and aid humans in problem-solving. Society has been tremendously impacted by these products. It is almost impossible to survive without it in the modern world, technology is ingrained in daily life.

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