Phone related health risks 

By: D'Angelo Marquez

Spending countless hours on your cellular phone or in front of a television screen playing video games affects your psychological health.  According to www.gamequiters.com,  “the more you play, the more you may neglect other aspects of your life and means the more your mental well-being is going to suffer.” 

The constant use of phones and electronic devices could increase your changes of developing anxiety and loss of sleep.  It can also affect your posture and can cause social isolation.

Electronic devices such as computers and cellular phones are great technological advances that have helped society evolve in the high-tech world.  For example, most people are probably reading this article on a cellphone. You have an older generation of people that are now more technological savvy due to the increase in technology.

However, to quote Spiderman, “With great power comes responsibility.”

As society continues to depend on these devices for entertainment, young adults will likely suffer from social anxiety. Of course, we are not saying that you cannot use your cellular phones.  Over the years, with newer technology, companies have developed accessories such as blue screens that help to decrease eye strain.

To help reduce screen time and mobile usage, http://www.scripps.org recommends that users spend no more than two hours on electronic devices.  Users should also take periodic breaks and take walks and speak with friends instead of texting them. Put those hours of sport video games to good use and try new hobbies and interests such a golf, tennis, badminton, cycling, or rollerblading.  These activities will help you to get to know yourself and others. 



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