Mental Health Day – What’s your superpower?

By: Mia Mezzanotte

Just like diabetes or heart disease, mental illness is a medical condition commonly suffered amongst adults and most especially teenagers. According to Young Mental Health Project (ibpf.org.), over half of all Americans will receive a mental disorder diagnosis at some point in their lives.  One in five teens worldwide experiences mental health issues.  Mental illness creates negative impact on the victim as well-as their employers, schools, and families.  To prevent suffering from mental illness, it is crucial that we keep our intellectual, emotional, and social welfare in good health to ensure more positive effects in our relationships, actions, and choices.  Mental health struggles can severely affect one’s life with extreme mood swings of highs and lows. Some of these struggles consist of social issues, paranoia, anxiety and depression.  Generally coming from lack of understanding by family, friends, coworkers, or others.  Being mentally unstable can feel like you are alone, but there is help out there waiting for someone who needs it.  Feeling understood and knowing that others around you are willing to help you, allows the sufferer an escape from the loneliness they feel.  The most crucial thing a sufferer can do is to seek help, and they should not feel embarrassed to do so.

Research in treatment and prevention of mental health disorders is expanding which is beneficial for future generations.  Research supports activities for prevention and promotion that help individuals stay healthy and advances our understanding of the causes and risk factors for mental health issues.  Usually signs of mental health include social anxiety disorder, constant fatigue or restlessness, and a variety of disorders caused or resulting from trauma occurring at any age.  The more people feel welcomed and accepted, the closer we are as a society to finding a cure to mental illness.

Be someone’s superhero! Understanding the pain these individuals are undergoing is difficult for some, but with a little compassion, we can ensure that sufferers of mental illness feel they are supported in their struggle.  Recognizing the warning signs leads to early diagnosis and treatment.  Meditation, proper sleep and diet, mental health exercises, and accepting help from others are just a few recommendations which can ensure a healthier overall lifestyle.  Please know that help is available, if needed.  The mental health coordinator at Miami Springs Senior High, Ms. Rosamelia Gonzalez, is always here to listen.  You can visit her in room 201 or email her at rgonzalezaguila@dadeschools.net.



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