Let’s eat cake!

By: Lilian Alfonso

For the past month, seniors have been hard at work raising money for their upcoming events. Let us recap on how they have been doing thus far.

At senior orientation, Mr. Vinat and the administrative staff at Miami Springs Senior High School gave their seniors one task: to sell cakes. MSSH has a long tradition of raising money for senior events by selling cakes. The seniors are given a time frame, usually three weeks, to sell as many cakes as possible. All the money that is raised goes toward senior events, to make them the best possible, and to supplement costs. The cakes can be shipped throughout the United States, or a student can take the cakes home themselves and they can distribute the items themselves.

There are different reward levels depending on how many cakes a student sells. Each level increases by ten except the first level which is to sell two cakes. So, you can qualify for upcoming events. The rewards are graduation tickets, a senior picnic ticket and a grad bash ticket if you sell enough cakes. So, you would not have to pay for those events.

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