Save the planet and give earth-friendly transportation a try

By: Emily Garcia

Earth-friendly transportation can be quite easy to find when trying to protect the planet.  The are trains, buses, hybrid vehicles and full electric vehicles.

Hybrid cars are not only good for the planet, but they are also good for saving money on gas, since you do not have to stop at the pump as frequently as you would with a regular gas engine vehicle.  Hybrid cars, in this reporter’s opinion, are still the best option.  Although, the initial investment could outweigh the benefits, depending on model and options, there are some hybrid vehicles that can be purchased staring between $25,000 – $28,000.

Full electric vehicles are also convenient, but they are not always the answer. Electric cars can’t travel long distances due to the need for a charging station; therefore, electric vehicles are more convenient for city travel and less convenient for long road trips.  There are advantages to owning a full electric vehicle.  There are no need for routine oil changes.  This car is not only emission free, but it also keeps a cleaner environment.  Like with a regular engine, with a full electric vehicle, you would get better driving experience, depending on the type and model you purchase.  If you can afford it, a great option would be electric cars. Full electric vehicles start at approximately $30,000.

On the cheaper side, you could use public transportation.  The city metro bus is slightly more fuel dependent than trains but is very inexpensive, specially if you are on a budget. This is also an effective way to move around town with little difference in travel time from cars.

Finally, the train system.  Trains release the least amount of greenhouse gases, and they are somewhat economical, but not as easy and fast to access for city travel.  However, in a metropolitan city like Miami, trains are not as convenient as the public bus system.

Depending on your budget, you have different choices for travel while helping the environment. Choosing your option, depends on convenience, need, and budget.

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