Junior rings

By: Gina Torres

High school students enjoy many activities throughout their high school career. One great event is the purchase of a junior ring during their third year. Students have different opinions, and the prices range from $200.00 to $500.00, depending on the style and metal.

Students have different opinions on the matter. Some juniors think it’s a good investment and something that will remind them of their high school years, while others feel the investment is not worth the purchase. One Junior said, “[she] feels it’s not worth the money, it’s too expensive, and [she] doesn’t like the designs”.

Another student said, “[she] wouldn’t buy one because [she] doesn’t think [she’ll] wear it since [she] doesn’t wear rings often”.  The last student interviewed said, “It’s okay if they do or don’t.  To be honest, it’s not that big of a deal.  It just depends on the person. If you really want to get a junior ring, I think it’s great, and it’s also a good high school tradition. But if you don’t get one, that’s also okay, because it’s not a necessity to have one.”

Personally, I disagree on the part of the rings being too expensive. The company has different options: silver, gold, and alternative metals. Some of the rings in the magazine do look a bit large for everyday wear, but that’s personal preference.

School ring order dates: September 7th through September 18th.

You can also order online at:  https://highschool.herffjones.com/secom/home

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