Valentine’s Day

By: Aaliyah Hollie & Dee-Toria Williams

On February 14th of each year we receive goods (letters, chocolates, stuffed animals, etc.), from the people we love. These symbols from the people in our lives represent how much we love and care for one another. This day has been marked in calendars all around the world and is known as Valentine’s Day. We as a community continue to participate in these events without thinking to ourselves, ‘Where does this idea come from?’, Does it come from a sweet and sincere moment in history? Was it made by candy companies to earn more money?’ Well, according to, National Public Radio , we should begin with the Romans. 

Let’s start with the date, February 14th. The Roman’s celebrated the, “Feast of Lupercalia”, from February 13th-15th, while it isn’t one-hundred percent set in stone, this may be the reason as to why we celebrate the special day on this particular date. What exactly is the feast of Lupercalia? Well, based off of information found on,History.com, it was an event used to promote fertility and ward off evil spirits. It was celebrated by sacrificing animals such as goats and dogs. Referring back to, National Public Radio , women would actually line up to be hit by men because they thought it would increase fertility. A matchmaking lottery where a man chose an eligible woman’s name out of a jar, binded the couple together for the festival or an extended period if a perfect match was made. 

 However, that isn’t what made Valentine’s Day what it is now. Emperor Claudius II, executed two men named Valentine on February 14th of different years. The deaths were honored by the Catholic Church as St. Valentine’s Day . As years went by, the day known as St. Valentine’s Day has grown to have a much sweeter connotation and traditions. This leads us to the Valentine’s Day we all know and love today, celebrations that include the colors pink and red (like the one hosted by MSSH, wearing the colors and spreading love around!), acts of affection, and all the love you could ever ask for. 




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