MSO Life

By: Nahia Gonzalez & Erika Ramos

During these dangerous times the students at our school have been separated. Some are at home; some are physically here, and the rest are probably sleeping. We had the opportunity to interview some of our students to see how the MSO life really is. One of those students being, Zahira Salazar, a senior who is somewhat enjoying her time at home. Zahira states that “Only somedays I enjoy being MSO.” Zahira said “I miss being able to see my friends, I haven’t been out to see my friends since school first shut down”. Indicating that staying MSO does have its cons. In the topic of academics and grades Zahira also said that “I got almost straight A’s in the first quarter and I don’t think that if I was physically in school I’d be able to” she says indicating that her grades have improved. Compared to another student with the name of Steven Santos who says “In some classes I did better but overall they’re the same as before.”  So many versatile opinions show how MSO life is different for everyone. 

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