Lights, Camera, and Competitions

By: Eliana Coronado

The acting students from Miami Springs Senior High, the Golden Players, are competing in this year’s annual drama competition. The competition is a part of Florida’s Southeastern Thespian Festival, and will be held virtually due to COVID-19.  

Seniors, Julie Casanovas and Ethan Torres, earned Superior ratings the year before, and this year will be competing with an original piece they prepared named There Is Blood in My Gin. Mandy Negron, another senior, is competing this year in the monologue and solo musical categories. Negron previously earned Superior ratings and won “Top Honors” last year for her costume designs.  Additionally, Natalie Quintana, a sophomore, submitted her rendition of Breathe from the musical “In the Heights”. This year they are proud to announce two first time- competitors: Ana Daniel (senior) and Brittney Gonzalez).  Ms. Daniels will be singing “On my Own” from the Broadway production of Les Misérables and Brittney Gonzales also is submitting her original play “Art-Off” to the competition. All competitors expressed how proud they feel to be representing Miami Springs Senior High at the festival. “The students competing worked diligently and love all aspects of theatre. They are adjusting to the virtual norm and have found this to be very challenging.”-Marielva Sieg, drama teacher from Miami Springs Senior High.  Despite the struggles, when asked how she felt she said “I am very lucky to have such talented and dedicated students. I really enjoy working with all of them in person or virtually!”. 

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