NBA Shutdown 2020

Carlos Lassalle

The NBA season has been postponed since Rudy Gobert, center for the Utah Jazz (NBA team), tested positive with the coronavirus. This was such a shocker for the whole basketball world. Us basketball fans were witnessing the best basketball season in years, with multiple players competing for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award and so many teams fighting to stay in the playoff picture and compete for a championship.

The speculation around Rudy Gobert testing positive for the coronavirus is that he could have gotten it simply because a few days prior to the discovery of him having the virus, he had the ridiculous idea to touch the microphones in the conference room where the media meets to ask players questions. After doing that, he was tested and came out with the coronavirus. In addition, 2 other teammates tested positive after his case was discovered. Had he not done such thing, the season could have possibly continued without fans, which was a proposition that the league made just a day before finding out of Rudy’s condition. 

Complete sadness has flooded all the fans of basketball around the world because of the extremity of all the teams competing to reach the playoffs, to then compete for a possible championship. The season will be shut down for 30 days, and then, if the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, decides that the NBA season will resume, then it will. If the season does not continue after the 30 days, all fans will have to wait till the ending of October for the new season, 2020-2021, to commence. We are all praying for this virus to disappear so we can finally get back what we so much love. 

The NBA season will remain shut down for the time being, while we all wait for this coronavirus to finally disappear. In the meantime, we basketball fans wish Rudy Gobert and his affected teammates a speedy recovery from this virus and anyone else dealing with this condition around the world. All sports are cancelled, so we will find other entertainment to hold us up for the meantime. 

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