The World is Quarantined, Mask of the COVID-19

Nahia Gonzalez

As many of you may know, currently the United States is under quarantine because of COVID-19 known as the corona virus. This has changed many lives in different ways. For example most schools in the country have closed down until a certain date or how cruise ship workers have lost their job due to no one traveling.

No one knew that this virus was going to affect the U.S so much as it is right now. As for school, most of the are currently doing online work since no one can physically go to school. It feels like being home schooled for those who have always attended school themselves. The reason for this is that currently people shouldn’t be in places where there are more than 10 people not including a work place or a supermarket. And that also we shouldn’t eave our homes if not for work or to get immediate supplies. Hence why kids aren’t going to school for the mean time. But that doesn’t mean that they’re in quarantine without anything to do, teachers will still issue assignments so that students don’t fall behind. Matthew Walker, a journalism student reports:

I’m playing on my PS4, doing all my online work, and reading books. My parents do not want me going out due to the corona virus and I completely understand why.  I’ve also been cleaning the house every two days because I have nothing else to do.

I can only stay indoors or in my backyard, and I’m not allowed to see any of my friends outside of my house.  Playing on my PS4 gets quite boring, so that is when I’ll just do my online work.

Online work has been a little hard lately.  I haven’t been understanding the full consent but I’m slowly getting there.  Even though I still do my work its hard to remember all the work I’m supposed to do and submit.

Reading surprisingly helps me.  I started to read a lot of books since we’ve had this break.  I have learned new words and new definitions and my mind has grown since then.  The book that I’m reading is about the growth of the human mind.  It helps relax me when I read by myself at my house home alone.

What I hate about this break is how it’s going to be so long.  I don’t know what I’m going to do in the house and how long I’m going to be able to deal with it. Another disappointment is that due to this break, they will be taking away some of our summer vacation, and I wish that they wouldn’t.  Besides that, I’m having an okay early break.

I can say most kids miss school and miss seeing their friends. I’m sure we all can wish this virus would just disappear and never come back. It ruined a lot of people’s plans and now most of us just stay indoor doing nothing all day.

As for people’s jobs or the status of their vacations, most of them are cancelled due to obvious reasons. But some cruise ships like the Royal Caribbean have postponed their events. The workers have been most likely sent home because of the reason that its cancelled. That also goes with everyone’s spring break plans cancelled due to the quarantine and how everyone is supposed to stay home to avoid catching the virus and spreading it.

Yoselyn Bodes Reports:

Since COVID-19 is spreading so rapidly around the world, enjoyable events like the Miami-Dade Youth fair has been cancelled.  Students are saddened by this decision as during spring break, they usually spend their time at the fair.  This year, instead of spending time in the outdoors, students will have to stay at home as social events throughout the county are postponed.  Miami has been declared in a state of emergency.  Currently, the United States is under lock down to prevent the disease from further spreading.  

Major symptoms for the corona virus include shortness of breath, fever, sore throat, and a severe case of difficulty breathing.  Take precautions, wash your hands with soap and water daily; anti-bacterial helps as well. COVID-19 is causing chaos around the world, so it is better to be safe than sorry.


Overall, this virus has traveled to every corner of the earth and people are dying.  Because of the coronavirus, sports are cancelled, schools are closed, events are postponed, and at some point, the world might just be requested to quarantine.  People continue to flood stores and buy supplies to carefully sanitize and protect ourselves from that virus.  Everyone has to stay safe at home and wash their hands frequently to avoid catching the virus.   Listen to the news to find out important information that can affect you or your family.  Hopefully, in the near future, a cure can come about and this virus can be defeated once and for all. 

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