A Uniform Policy That Took Us By Surprise

By Yoselyn Bodes, Julissa Duenas

Ever since Mr. Smith left, the policies in this school have changed. In an orientation on February 27, the administration made it very clear that they will not be as lenient on the uniform policy as was Mr. Smith.  Before this change, students came to school in sweatpants and shirts that aren’t too cropped.  After hearing that they will no longer tolerate such outfits, students started to express their opinions.  Some students thought that the reason for enforcing it now was foolish, while others accepted it.  It shocked all the students, but we are slowly starting to overcome it.

For starters, administration is no longer allowing students to wear joggers or sweatpants.  They also mentioned that students must either wear polo shirts or a spirit tee.  If caught wearing clothes that are not permitted, the student will be sent to the auditorium where the administration will deal with them. Crocs without straps are also not allowed in the school.  The policy is now in place and students have to follow it.

The uniform policy will be enforced.  There will be consequences to any student that does not obey the rules.  If a student does not follow the uniform policy, the first time he/she will receive a violation, second time there will be a call home.  When caught breaking the uniform policy for the third time, grades will be checked, and if the student is failing classes he/she will be at a risk of getting kicked out of the school. 

The change in policy surprised a majority of the student population.  Many openly expressed their opinions on the topic.  While the school leaders stated that the policy changed because of the need for safety and to make this school more secure, some students felt that this change was foolish as anyone can enter the school with the school’s uniform.  Others agreed that this was necessary for their safety.  Most students may argue that the uniform policy should not be enforced at the middle of the school year.  There are a couple of students that have mentioned that they should have enforced it at the beginning of the school year and have even said that, the term uniform was never mentioned.  So, students dressed as they pleased at the beginning of the year, leaving them without the new enforced uniform.  Some kids may not be able to buy any uniforms or do not have the money to buy any at this time of the academic year. 

Senior, Juan Rivero says “I feel aggravated about this new uniform policy and am ready to go on strike. ” 

Certain students like Denise Tacho, feel “The change from what we usually wear isn’t that much of a difference to what we should be wearing which is a school shirt or collared shirt and jeans…If I have to follow the uniform policy to get more events I’ll follow it.”

Meanwhile, according to Nicholas Ramos, “The presentation discussed such “riveting” topics as a new dress code (Which we all know won’t be enforced by the second week) and that our generation started the vaping trend (Even though the previous generation established vaping). This presentation seems to be another piece of evidence on the ineffectiveness of the modern school system and state government in general.”

The school is divided because of the different opinions people have, but we are slowly starting to follow the policies for the better.

If you are a student in Miami Springs Senior High there are new enforced rules, with a principle ready to change the school.  It is a new and changed environment.  Perhaps you are prepared for change or maybe you are not, but make sure to obey by the rules and you’ll have a fun year.  The change in management was sudden, and many were shocked by it.  However, we are starting to accept it.  The administration is taking the time to enforce these rules by checking as we walk in the building.  This policy, although many disagree with it, is slowly making the school progress for the better.  

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