Causes and Effects of Abortion

Chakaria Allen

Abortion is a controversial topic among today’s generation. There are those who are against and those who are for abortion. Different countries have different opinions on this topic and consequently make their laws based on their beliefs. What the country decides for the women on abortion may not be liked by all, resulting in rebellion against the laws. 

Some countries don’t allow abortion, at all.  Therefore, this pushes the women to resort to unsafe and unsanitary practices of terminating undesired pregnancies. These types of abortions usually results in death and or injury of the would be mother.  According to Amnesty.Com, the abortion rate in countries that prohibit or only uses abortion in emergency cases is 37:1000.  For countries that allow abortion, the rate is 34:1000. By countries no allowing the choice of abortion, women are more likely to make the decision to have an abortion, safe or unsafe.  

Even though the choice of an unsafe abortion can most likely result in injury and death, according to Amnesty.com, the death and injuries are preventable. The deaths mostly occur in countries where abortion is illegal, resulting in women making the impulsive decision to have an unsafe abortion. The death/injuries occur because the women are handled with unsanitary materials, they aren’t handled carefully, and they end up bleeding out due to how they opened and closed. In order to prevent this, countries can make abortions open to those in need and not take away the right they have to handle their body. 

Although it’s believed that babies shouldn’t be killed and the women shouldn’t have the right to make that decision, sometimes getting pregnant isn’t the girls fault. Girls can be young and raped, a victim to sex trafficking, or had no choice but to be impregnated. If those are the cases than abortion is most likely an option because there’s no way the girl can handle a baby that wasn’t meant to be made. By countries making abortion illegal to all women is not fair to victims of unfair situations, but they also have the option for abortion to women in life threatening situations.  

In the end, people and countries will have their own opinion on abortion and whether or not women should be allowed to have one. Killing babies aren’t at all okay but also giving women the choice to ONLY have a child, even when it isn’t their fault, is also not okay. There should be an agreement with women so they can have an opinion on what’s happening with their body. 

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