Massive Train Fire in Eastern Pakistan

Alessandra Muniz

On Thursday, a fire on a train that was traveling through Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province. A state of emergency was declared in nearby hospitals. According to CBS news, everything happened so quickly, everyone was so scared and no one knew how to control it. 

At least 73 people died in this horrible blaze. The provincial health minister, Yasmeen Rashid, told Samaa news station that more than 40 people were more injured in the fire. The reason behind the blaze was because in the kitchen a cooking gas stove exploded as the passengers were preparing breakfast leading to the fire of the train. When the train started catching on fire it was spreading so quick. People threw themselves off which led to many of them to their death, sadly. Firefighters tried their best but were also struggling to control the fire from the outside. There was also no railway stuff or anyone to help. The survivors claimed that it took nearly 20 minutes for the train to complete stop after the fire broke out and the passengers began screaming for help. 

This tragedy, could’ve been prevented because the passengers usually get their own breakfast anyways because it’s cheap. The fire spread so quick and people couldn’t escape it quickly enough to save themselves.  

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