Spirit Week

Chakaria Allen

The first nine weeks of the school year is almost over and at the end of the weeks is Miami Springs Homecoming week. This last weeks will be filled with dressing up, competitions between the grades, and at the end will be the football game and dance.

Homecoming is like a way to welcome the students for a final time to the school so that the core of the school year can actually begin. Throughout the week the students are allowed to dress up according to the themes that were chosen. Some of those who include “Mathlete Vs Athlete” and “Past Vs Future”.

Not only will the students be allowed to show their school spirit with the dressing up, they are also able to buy spirit items, like foam fingers and shirts, and they can also participate in the pep rally where the different grade levels can dress up according to the color assigned to them. Depending on which grade level shows the most effort in spirit week, the staff of the school will choose one winning class.

The last part of homecoming week will be the football game and homecoming dance. Miami Springs will be playing against the bulldogs for the homecoming game and there students can also show their school spirit by coming out and supporting the team. That Saturday will be the homecoming dance where the winners of the homecoming court will be selected and the students are allowed to engage with each other and have fun.

Even thought homecoming is a week of fun for the students there can also be some kids who will violate the dress code or misbehave during the week. If the students are dressing inappropriately then they will face the consequences set in place by administrators. This can also effect how much fun students may miss out on due to their inability to listen to the rules.

Every high school “most likely” has a homecoming week that is full of fun for the students. Surely rules are set in place and as long as you don’t cross the line you’re able to enjoy the week with your friends.

Maikol Santos

This past week has been very interesting at Miami Springs Senior high school. It consisted of spirit week, a pep rally at the end of the day on Thursday, followed by a game on Friday which we ended up clutching and winning within the last 5 seconds and lastly a homecoming dance continues the constant fun at springs.

Firstly, spirit week consisted of “nerds vs athletes” on Monday, “superhero’s vs villains” on Tuesday, “past vs future” for Wednesday and we had a “color wars” in between all the grades Thursday followed by a pep rally at the end of the day to decide what grade would win the color wars, to say the least the juniors and seniors were the most competitive ones, gathering around at lunch and yelling at each other, and being the loudest ones at the pep rally which was pretty intense, even though the juniors were robbed from that victory and the seniors ended up winning, they had a very tense yelling contest at the pep rally.

Following the pep rally, we had a football game Friday which we ended up winning with one of the most intense victories we have had this whole year. We were down by 2 points in the last 10 seconds and Xavier ended up grabbing and running the ball all the way to the touch down area clutching up the game within the last second and making us win by 3 points, this hyped up the school and prepared everyone for homecoming the next day, which was the most fun event the school has had since last year, it made the students that went have fun and relieve themselves from all the stress that school gives, they danced a lot and many students went wild, with close dances and mosh pits anything you chose.

Overall, this week has been very interesting and fun at the school with all the events the school should proceed to have more parties like homecoming more often.

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