Homecoming Dance

Nahia Gonzalez

Last Saturday October 26th Miami Springs High School had ITD annual homecoming dance.

For homecoming most people went to the Curtis mansion to take their pictures at sundown before the dance started. Everyone cane well dressed to homecoming and there was were no dress code problems.

During the dance a big robot game and sprayed the crowd with pressured air and that hyped up everyone that was there. They played various types of music that suited everyone there.

It was fun hanging out and dancing with your friends and having fun.

Even though it was hot everyone still had fun.

Overall everyone can say that they had fun and want to go again.

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  1. Carlos Lassalle // January 8, 2020 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    Homecoming sounds like a great event, I wish I would’ve gone my previous years and gotten lit with my friends (I’m a senior and I missed out on it, but on the bright side, I saved $100 for all those 4 years).

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