The Baseball Field

Jack-Arthur Whitlock.

The baseball field to me is the best place in the Miami Springs Senior High campus. That specific place has a lot of history and games played there over the years. I used to play baseball for the school team and we would practice, have games, and have fun in that field. 

The baseball field is mainly for the Golden Hawks to practice at. When I first went there I met the coach in the dugout and the rest of the team and have been friends ever since. We use the field to practice drills like getting people out on base and batting. We also use the grass area called the outfield for drills where the players hit farther than the sand area, past the bases. 

In the outfield there are usually fly balls where the ball is super high in the air and we use the wide area of grass to get to where the ball is dropping and catch it. Also do the same if the ball gets fit fast and its a grounder. The many times I practiced and caught baseballs there brings happy memories which is why I like the field. 

The baseball field is also where there were many baseball games me and the team were in and I remember getting outs which was fun. Also being there watching other teammates do good plays and hit good runs was fun. In that field because we practiced so much there and were used to the field area we were able to play so good and also because of our skill of course. 

The baseball field has many uses not just for baseball. It can also be somewhere to practice running like drills back and forth to get better stamina. Also stretch with the teams and become more flexible and durable. The field is one of the reasons why I am so athletic today. 

The baseball field has to be take care of every year. This includes pulling the weeds out and cutting the grass. It is a lot of hard labor but it is worth it for the field to be suitable for the baseball players. 

The baseball field has many happy memories for me and it was also the centerpiece for baseball practice/games. Every time I look at the field I am reminded of the hours of hard work and fun I had there. It has many great uses and it is my favorite place on the school camous. 

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