Amazing Springs

By: Jose Bofil, Carlos Lassalle, Maikol Santos, Kasandra Soutullo, Matthew Walker

New awesome people, new friends, new teachers, new classes added, new afternoon activities, and a raised school grade, this school year has been great so far!   

 Academically, we have recently been moved up to a “B” school!  

There’s been many games from the boy’s football team and girls’ volleyball team.  Most of them have been action packed, competitive, and exciting.  For the most part, the majority of the games have resulted in blowout wins, close calls, or devastating loses.  The girls volleyball has been great with an astonishing 7-1 record.  Football on the other hand, has not been amazing, at one point losing 74-0 albeit they had a great win vs Alonzo & Tracy Mourning last night winning 34-3.  Winning our most recent game gave the players a major confidence boost.  The school’s sports teams overall aren’t doing too bad.  

Since school began students have been doing a lot of things in their classes and in the clubs that they hardly have time for themselves.  In the clubs, there are many activities like making banners and murals for the Hispanic Heritage Month and other things for upcoming events.  The club fair was okay.  The hallway was so crowded we couldn’t even walk. There was a great performance but certain people would’ve been able to see the full thing if the crowd wasn’t so compact.  But, at least we have done some events. 

On a final note, the teachers this year are “chill”.  Many people might not agree with this statement about classes and teachers this year, but we are going to try to get good grades and to keep the effort up. 

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