Springs’ Art

Christopher Triana.

I come to school every day excited for the new experiences I’ll have and all the old things I’ve grown accustom to in the past three years. Although there are so many places and things at Miami Springs Senior High that I know and love, there’s one that stands out above all. I love going to the art room every day and getting lost in my work. Whenever I’m in that room, everything else just stops. I don’t feel like I’m in school anymore, I feel at home. 

There are many things I love doing in the art room. Obviously, painting and drawing, among all. I often stay to help the art teacher clean up after class is done. I don’t mind getting dirty, I just love being in the room. Being in the room clears my head. 

Once, I stayed an entire school day in the art room. I was working on a big assignment, and all of my other classes allowed me to stay. I stayed an entire 7-hour school day in one room. The only break I had was for lunch. The best part about it is that it was completely my idea and the day went by faster than any other school day. 

Obviously, the art teachers have a fondness toward me. I wouldn’t call it favoritism, but they know that I care for the art room as much as they do, so they appreciate my efforts. I like helping students who need a little push when it comes to art. I love helping as much as I do enjoy working myself. Art has honestly transformed me, and the art room at Miami Springs Senior High has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. 

All in all, you can obviously tell that I’m no stranger when it comes to the art room. If you’re looking for me in school and I’m not where I’m supposed to be, You’ll probably find me in the art room. I sure have left my mark in room 121. I appreciate everything the art program at my school has done for me, and I won’t forget it any time soon. I hope someone else can find the same enjoyment i feel when in school

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