“Musician Since a young age: Roots to a dream”

by Karilyn Andino

Music is something that has had an impact on the world for centuries; it has different forms and ways to be showcased and, is thus one of the most marvelous things humans have come across. Like most skills, the art of producing such enchanting melodies takes practice, time, and effort. Even so, some people decide to put in blood, sweat, and tears into mastering it even if it’s only as a hobby.

An example of this case is the sophomore at MSSH: Karla Gonzales. Having started at only 10 years old, she found a passion towards string instruments. “I chose these instruments because they felt like the most interesting ones.” Unfortunately, even though Karla has the ability to play not only the violin but also the double ass, she does not plan on making a career out of her talents. “I have other interests that take my time” she responded. Even so, while she doesn’t plan on making this her source of income, she still plans on learning new instruments such as the viola. Just like her, many other children can or have  started learning the beautiful art of music. Anyone can do it; there is no need for fancy schools since, just like Karla, young children can start in regular school programs such as band. “[Don’t] give up, even if it gets really hard” Karla advices, her words directed towards newer musicians. “It’s going to pay off.” 

Being a young musician can not only be fun and rewarding, but also stressing and time consuming. However, it’s definitely worth it since, if you start at a young age, you can secure those roots to a dream. As Karla mentioned “Music is not just a hobby, but my world as well.” 

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