Hawks Hallways

Shakaria Allen, photographer

By Chakaria Allen, Staff Writer.

When you enter high school, it’s way different from elementary and middle school. It’s can be way bigger than your previous schools, or way more challenging but it’s high school. Right now, I’m a freshman in high school and my experience, so far, is way different from K-8th grade. I’ve come to really like walking the hallways for many reasons. I can see everybody from every grade, I can see things about the school that I haven’t noticed before and I feel like I’m in high school due to rush of all the kids moving at a quick pace. However, that can also be a defect of the hallway.

My middle school was a K-8 school and I went there for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I know middle school is not really a big mild stone like high school is but I never really felt like I was in middle school due to seeing all the younger kids. Since there were little kids, the school had to enforce rules that applied to the older kids to protect the mind and innocence of the younger kids, which gave us no freedom what so ever. Now, I’m in high school and instead of seeing a line of 3rd graders I see a rush of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders hurrying to get to class or lunch. I feel like I’m among the upperclassmen now.

Now, we only have 5 minutes to get to our classes and there’s two floors so there may be interesting things that are around the school that I have never seen before. In the morning or during lunch you’re able to walk around and I may see things that I’ve never seen and that’s interesting. Also, the feelings of all grades moving to get to their classes give me the feeling that I’m in a bigger school than my middle school with way more kids and teachers. Although that’s a daily reminder of my new place in school, the rushing of the hallways are not always the best feeling.

My high school isn’t that big but its way bigger than my middle school, and there are three times as many kids in my new school compared to my old one. When the bell rings, everyone rushes out, and I enjoy seeing everybody scramming to get to their classes. However, due to there being so many kids people tend to walk slowly, push you, move you out of the way, drop your things, and cluster up. We only have five minutes to get to class and all of those take up time and if it’s lunch time that makes you anxious because you’re trying to get to where you want to be.

All in all, there are many pleasant things about high school, but the hallways have  really caught my attention.

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