Born for Games

By: Javier Pineiro

At young age Leodan Gonzalez got his first console as a gift, developing a love for games that could develop into something big. Developing a desire to keep playing and wanting to play more with his friends.

Starting with games under the shooter category, with titles like: “Call of Duty”, “Destiny”. Later switching to the mobs category with “League of Legends”, and switching from console to PC. Although he believes himself a PC gamer; he sometimes misses console and it’s controls.

Through time, he has experienced different games and tried to play new categories that may result interesting for him. He has always consider himself a “competitive” type of player; but, it sometimes causes him get stressed, so he plays more “casually” to the point of not playing to loose exhaustion.

For him, all games are perfect in their own way, but there are definitely some games that make him loose his mind, games like “Overwatch”. Of course, there are some games that don’t interest him like the famous “Fortnite”. But as he says: “Everyone has their own niche, and can find a game that’s perfect for them. Or they can make a game that reflects their passion.”

Although games have made and have great interaction in his life, games have great downfalls to his health, both, mental and physical. He may not get enough sleep, food, he may also gain stress from games that can be desperate. This rings lack of exercise and poor mental condition, while also affecting your sight when too close to the screen all the time.

Playing games can become a great passion in people’s life, and they can get you to a successful future with many careers that can be game related like developing, designing,…But, always keep your health on check and reduce the screen time to even things on your life. This doesn’t mean you should not play games, it can be fun to play different games ,and even more with friends; but do not get too much of it, for the good of your life.

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