And we thought corporal punishment had died out

By: Cassandra Brown

The idea of physical discipline is still legal in 19 states in the United States. The purpose of corporal punishment is to inflict pain on students to force them to correct an “incorrect” misbehavior. However, this act is not only used for bad behavior, schools use corporal punishment for several behaviors: being late to class, talking back to a teacher, violating dress code, and even getting bad grades. Throughout the years, more and more states have declined corporal punishment due to studies that show that the act of physical discipline does not increase or decrease negative student behavior. Statistics also show that states that allow corporal punishment have high percentages of child poverty, lower college graduation rates and lower general education rates than states that have banned corporal punishment. Proven studies have shown that enforcing physical discipline on students is not something that can create better behavior. So, corporal punishment is not very effective tool. If this way of discipline is not “living up to” what schools intended, why is it still being utilized in some states? There is no place for corporal punishment in our schools. Remove it for good, and you will see a positive chance in students’ attitude. Like teachers model in a classroom – administrations should model in their schools. Remember, you lead by example!

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