Should smoking be banned in public places?

By: Nautica Leon

The majority of the human world knows by now how extremely harmful cigarette smoking is to your health. The topic has been heatedly debated for decades. Among its minor risks, smoking contributes to lung cancer, heart disease, and asthma. Cigarette smoke has over 4,000 chemicals and 43 of those are known to cause cancer. The list of ingredients is endless, but the most recognizable are ammonia, arsenic, carbon monoxide, lead, and butane. And don’t forget the addictive chemical – nicotine!  Non-smokers suffer as well through secondhand smoking when you breathe in cigarette smoke that people exhale. This is the most cruel way to harm people in public places which have not asked to die. It is estimated that secondhand smoke causes 34,000 heart disease incidents a year. It is extremely harmful to your blood vessels. It is worse in public areas like casinos, coffee shops, and restaurants, which should ban smoking, but are torn between customer sales and complaints. It is not fair to the nonsmoker to be exposed to the same risks as people who do not care about their health and smoke up a storm.  It’s about time that stricter laws are put in place to save future generations.

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