U.K. – Russian relations hit cold war level lows

By: Andres Garcia

In the midst of the Russian elections, a wedge has been driven between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation. In an almost Cold War style, ex-spy for the Russians was found unconscious and later dead along with his daughter on a park bench in Salisbury. After both were announced dead, an investigation was already on its way, which quickly led authorities to discover that the couple were gassed with a nerve agent. At least 38 other bystanders in the area have been sickened or affected by the gas, leading the U.K. government to consider it an attack on their soil. The U.K. has accused the Russian government responsible for the March 4th attacks, as well as secretly developing military grade nerve gasses, however, the Russian government denies any involvement. With souring of relations and heated arguments, the Russian Ambassador is ejected from London and more sanctions have been proposed on the Russians.

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