Battle for gun control makes it way to Congress

By: Brian Delgado

In the span of a few weeks following the tragic Parkland shooting, legislators rallied in Florida to pass or defend against a gun control bill. The bill which was signed into law by governor Rick Scott has had a mixed reaction among people; the NRA has begun to sue the bill which it deemed it as unconstitutional and victims from the recent shooting have rallied to push for stricter measures.

The bill included in one of its provisions that ability to grant law enforcement to remove firearms and ammunition from an individual after being Baker acted, controversy has already arisen over this. A man recently in Lighthouse Point Florida, was slammed with a Baker Act after erratic behavior and has had his firearms and ammunition seized and removed from his possession until further notice. While many gun control advocates praised such usage of the law as acting in the defense of the community, those opposing gun control as the first removal of firearms and a stark future for gun rights.

The NRA had acted immediately after the bill’s passage and seeks to take the case to the Supreme Court. What many hope for is for the bill to be deemed unconstitutional and will set a precedent in future landmark cases. For now, progress on the case is slow as many on both sides go to extreme scrutiny before coming to a decision.

Many are uncertain what this bill’s passage or possible removal will mean to American firearm ownership. What is certain is there will be countless legal battles fought in the name of the 2nd amendment or in the name of gun control.  A new chapter is being written in the American Story.


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