Is it really worth being cool?

By: Tedshini Lewis

When did the price of fitting in become more than the price of being yourself? When did being cool become the “new cool”. Everyone is born different – like a snowflake; one could never find two snowflakes that are exactly the same, just like people. So the best option is to always try to be yourself. Why? Because no one can be you better than you. Its takes twice as much work to be someone else than it is to be yourself. People should not be judged or even ridiculed because they don’t have the best shoes or hair or clothes.  Those are all materialistic things that don’t show who a person really is underneath. Over 4,000 young teens die every year due to bullying; many are picked on for something that is unique to them. It’s fine to be you, to dress how you want, look how you want to look – that’s being cool! Being cool is not caring about what others say. It’s having your own opinion – living for yourself and dancing like you would in your room to a High School Musical Song. “Perfection” is the modern disease that spreads through our generation like wildfire. The cure is simply taking a dose of “you”. Unfortunately, for some, that’s easier said than done. Remember, “you cannot please ALL of the people ALL of the time.” (John Lydgate)

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